Search Engine Marketing

DiscountClick is a SEO firm offering online marketing.Their suite of SEO services include search engine promotion,seo consulting,link building services and online tools.They also offer a low cost Ad Serving solution.You can increase your website ranking on Google,AOL and MSN by starting a link popularity campaign.Your links will be strategically placed on a number of quality related websites to your industry to both drive traffic to your site and increase your search engine rankings. You ca also increase ROI, and click through rates with Pay per Click ad serving and have the online marketing industry work for your companies benefit. We can get your website ppc setup to produce targeted traffic to your site with pay per click sponsored listings. DiscountClick will rotate and deliver hundreds of thousands to millions of ads to your site.You can serve up internal ads, as well as from third party networks through one single html tag. HTML and 3rd Party Banner rotation and tracking. Also you can use SEO Self Service Tools. We offer industrial strength seo tools, tracking and metrics for the Do It Yourself (DIY) Webmaster or Agency wanting to track search engine traffic, ranking reports and ROI Conversion tracking. Tracks Both PPC and Natural SEO Traffic and Conversions! Search engine promotion services costs as low as 50$ per month.If you want to try go and register.

Webmasters Make Money With DClickAds

If you are tired with Adsense and want to try something new try You can sell Internet advertising space and earn some website advertising income by offering banner, standard text link, or offer premium embedded links you offer and place within the content of your pages. Dclickads is an advertising network where publishers list their advertising space/inventory called Ad Zones for sale in the system. You earn income and revenue based on the amount you charge for ad placement by week, month, or ads pay per click intervals. You decicide the amount and interval. Is that great or what?You decide the amount! Dclickads handles all of the payment processing between buyer(advertiser) and seller(webmaster). Each month an advertising revenue earnings check is mailed to you based on your advertisement website earnings. Advertisement ads placed by the system are direct links to the advertiser utilizing proprietary DirectLink technology for maximum optimization of the campaign. There are 3 types of advertisements you can offer: Banner ads, standard text link ads, and premium embedded link ads. Embedded link text ads are links placed embedded in your content that link to the advertiser's web page. You will have the capability of offering 1 or more ad zone areas per page.Remember,You have full control over approving or denying advertisements or you can set the zone to be auto-approval and let the system automatically place the advertisements on your site. It is free to join and display your publisher profile and ad zone inventory. When an advertiser purchases your ad zones, a 25% advertising services fee based on the purchase price is paid to upon approval and billing.

Credit Card Processing

Today I found this site: Advantage Processors. They offer Credit Card Processing and Merchant Account services for both Low Risk and High Risk merchants.They have competitive pricing and low credit card transaction rates.Also their site is very professional. If you are just getting started or have been an established for years offers competitive merchant account rates for both low risk card swipe processors and higher risk Mail Order Telephone Order MOTO Credit Card Processing including High Risk Mail Order Credit Card Transactions. Here are their services: Applications for Low Risk Merchants such as: * Retail Establishments (in person credit card swipe) * Restaurants and Bars * Hotels, Motels and Lodging * Mail And Telephone (MOTO) based business * Home Based Business * Real Internet Credit Card Processing Merchants from High Risk Related Industries: * Higher Risk Mail Order Web Sites (Tangible Goods) * Travel Businesses/Hotels/Travel Agencies * Established Legal Gaming * Offshore/International Credit Card Processing * Adult Merchant Account Solutions * Merchants that were Shut Off * Debt/Collection Agencies * Pre-Paid Telephone Cards * Pharmaceuticals/Online Pharmacy Merchants * Online Dating/Dating Agency/Escort Services * Higher Volume Mail/Telephone Order (MOTO) * High Risk Web Site Offerings So,if you like what you see go and Apply for a Merchant Account