The Niche Finding Process

This is a huge question that comes up all the time in the affiliate marketing and black hat forums I frequent. “How do I find niches?” Beginners find this particularly difficult and it really doesn’t need to be. For bottom feeding niches, people would like to just have niches handed to them. The problem with that is that if 10 other people jump into your niche and do things correctly, your income just got murdered. Thus the importance of being able to find your own niches to exploit. As you will agree once finished with this sections, nothing could be easier. Brainstorming Niches Once you’ve done this enough times, you’ll probably be able to gather more niches in an hour than you can use in a month. Here is my favorite method for brainstorming niches: Google Adwords Sandbox Tool The first thing I do is head on over to or the Yahoo or DMOZ directory. Or I search Google to come up with a directory that is related to a wide niche. If you have a Google Adwords Account, and you should, you will find a ledger called “tools”: Open it up, select “keyword tool” and then select the “site related keyword”. Enter a portal type website in the box and press “find more keywords.” You can also access this tool here.