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I have found many good deals online, and I am trying to use online coupons to save even more. Even with shipping costs I still save money on items I find online, and of course the convenience of it being delivered right to your door is offers online coupons and coupon codes, you'll find coupons to great stores like Target, Staples, and The Gap. The website is very easy to use. After selecting a coupon, the website displays a small window that will guide you through making the purchase and put any put any concerns at ease. Even a computer novice will have no problem navigating and using Coupon Chief to save money on their favorite products. The coupons are diverse and cover a broad range of products—from music and movies to babies and kids. You'll save money at your favorite online stores like and Office Depot online. Coupon Chief provides valid and useful coupon without requiring you fill out a number of forms or surveys or giving your information to solicitors. A standout feature will let you post and read consumer's comments for each coupon. Before you spend the time and effort redeeming a coupon you can read about others' experiences with the coupon or product. The comment feature is part of the extensive online forum Coupon Chief offers. Coupon Chief has recently added a how-to Coupon Screencast for some of their most popular stores, so now it's even easier to use their system! If you're a serious shopper that wants a service that's easy to navigate and provides money saving coupons, you need to visit Coupon Chief. This site already has thousands of excellent deals and as this website grows, and more people begin to use it, it's only going to get better.

eCommerce Software

Want to open an online e-shop or start an ecommerce website? Ashop Commerce provides you the complete, flexible solution to create your profitable online store with absolute ease and affordability.Their shopping cart software supports small to medium sized businesses in getting ready for ecommerce and helps them to turn internet presence into profit. Innovative ecommerce software and service combined with affordable start up and running costs make this possible. Ashop Commerce shopping cart software is a turn-key ecommerce solution. An ASP web based, hosted store building system for setting up your online business. With no software to install, you can build and manage an online store from any computer anywhere in the world. Accept credit cards online, enable a complete real-time shipping solution and rise to the top of the search engines. They are continuously researching the most sophisticated search engine updates to make sure your products rank the highest they can on major search engines. Constantly proving capability with position #1 rankings and achieving higher sales return for merchants. Ashop Commerce has the ecommerce software helping merchants climb to the top of the search engines

The future of virtual worlds - Times Online

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The future of virtual worlds
Times Online - 9 hours ago
The Virtual Worlds Forum in London this week brought together a bunch of business people, technologists, entrepreneurs and marketers to network and exchange ideas around virtual worlds.
British Lords wake up to virtual worlds Register
Twitter tracks thoughts on Second Life Netimperative - Mobile Digest - - Times Online
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Mobile Search Marketing

You may be planning on refreshing your brand image or launching a new web site. Perhaps you'd like to find out what people on the web think about you and your product, or maybe you're looking to drive traffic to your site through the search engines leading to greater conversions and sales. Whatever your online marketing need, Brand Attention can help you achieve the results you want. Also they are a global force in the mobile website development. With an ever increasing audience, and numbers set to spiral, early adoption of this medium will return stunning rewards. Gone are the days where a site built in CSS would fit the bill. Now the demands and features accessible through mobile phones / devices mean a fully bespoke approach is the only answer. They are able to integrate most features of a conventional web solution into a mobile website design. They deploy QR Codes as a tool for end users to gain direct access to your mobile offering. This 2D bar code technology is a standard feature in the Far East, and Brand Attention have been pioneers in the use and promotion of it in Europe. QR Codes are compatible and can be used with most mobile devices that have a camera; Nokia even has the reader software as standard on a lot of the N Series mobile phones. offers solutions that make a tangible difference to your business, with the search engines that matter. They will work with you to identify where your current traffic comes from and how to maximise your traffic flow. Also will talk to you about other search engines that could be used to increase the number of visitors you receive. All their reports are written in English, not geek-speak, and are easy to understand.


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Get Paid To Blog

There are many blog advertising websites out there. Smorty is one of the best. This service is a communication link between advertisers and thousands of bloggers who are looking to get paid for blogging. The system is very easy and straight forward to use for the advertiser. You create your blog advertising campaign, Smorty reviews it and delivers it instantly to its vast blogger network. Each blog post is checked automatically by Smorty smart review. Smorty stringently tests every blog application for a large number of criteria. They don't simply look at PageRank or the number of indexed pages to determine approval, they do look at over 20 factors on each blog and create a Smorty smart score which is proven to bring a better result from traffic and inbound links from relevant content. Now if you are a blogger, you can make money from your blog by writing opinion articles about available advertiser campaigns. Opportunities are sent directly to your email account. You can have as many blogs as you can manage. The more blogs you have, the more opinion posts you can write and the more money you make! So you can earn as much as you like. Your earnings are directly related to the number of valid opinions you post. Each post will bring you a minimum of US$6 and the Pagerank of your blog along with a high Smorty smart score determines whether you receive higher paid ad campaigns, bringing you up to even $100 per post. Bloggers get paid on a weekly basis through Paypal. Sign up today and get paid to blog!

Payday Loans

Borrowing money is often a necessary way to deal with unsuspecting events that can effect your life. When the times comes for you to reach out and borrow money with a pay day loan, make sure you work with a reputable lender. Online Payday loans are the fastest and easiest way to get approved for you payday loan quickly. can help you to find all the information you need. All online payday loans lenders require the consumer to type out an online application providing personal information, employment information, current banking and financial information, and references. An advantage of online payday loans to most consumers is that they are offered to people with no credit, poor credit or bankruptcies and they can be done anonymously to the public and in the comfort of one’s home. Unlike traditional lenders, online payday loans lenders do not require credit bureau reports from Experian, TRW, or Equifax. Instead, most online payday loans lenders use consumer information services provided by Tele-Track. These services do not check your credit history. Online Payday Loans provide many advantages over applying at an offline traditional payday loan storefront. So, for cash advance visit

URL Mask

Would you like to rank your site higher organically and stop hijackers from stealing your affiliate commissions? Because if you aren't hiding your affiliate links, you're losing money. Just as some people make their living being an affiliate, some people decide to make their living robbing unsuspecting affiliates by stealing their sales. Why go through all the hard work of marketing someone else's product if you aren't even going to get all the money you rightfully earned? Well,that's where CloakLink comes in and saves the day. CloakLink is a URL Mask program designed, and used by two experienced affiliate managers who know what fraudsters can and can't do with links. It is the best URL redirect script you can find online.
Features include: SEO benefits, allowing your site to rank higher in the SERP's. Easy to setup and use. (On average it takes around 5 minutes to setup and another 5 to configure). Multiple sites can be used through ONE interface. CloakLink can be used with an unlimited number of sites. Built in Click Tracker so you can keep track of how many times your links have been clicked. Cloak your links today and say goodbye to fraud, parasites, overwriting, and hijackings forever!

New Linux version of Google Desktop

Keeping its Linux fan base in mind, Google has updated its Desktop for Linux, which it launched in June. With version 1.1, still in beta, you can search over more image formats and search the content of Microsoft Office documents. The thumbnails in search results are higher quality and you can customize the hot key that launches the quick search box. There's more information on the Inside Google Desktop blog and you can download the application here.

Leading Manufacturers at a Great Price

Thanks to First Point you can now get the network hardware that you need at a fraction of the cost. By working with leading manufacturers, First Point is able to bring MetaSwitch Telecom parts, Adtran hardware and ADC Telecommunications equipment to you and your company at a great price. Why buy the same equipment from somebody else for more money when you can go to First Point and get the same thing for less? It doesn't make any sense to me either. Check out First Point today and help your company save money on the telecommunications equipment you need to keep your company going.

Get Your Outsourcing Needs from an Expert

Maybe you've tried other companies that are outsourcing China work. Maybe you've tried other offshore application development companies. What you haven't tried is Hundsun. Hundsun is a leading provider of offshore outsourcing to China, and they can help you meet your outsourcing needs while saving you money and increasing the quality of your returns. Why keep paying money to a company that isn't getting you the results you need? Check out Hundsun today and I'm sure you'll soon see why they're a leader in the outsourcing industry.

Securing your Network

BNC, the leading Denver computer consultant has been offering their Denver IT outsourcing services for years, and now is a great time to start working with them to ensure that your company has the network security that you need. Having a leader in network security working for you is the best way to ensure that all of the valuable information your company has stays with you and not with people with less than the best intentions. Check out BNC today and I'm sure you'll see why they're one of Denver's leading IT companies.

SEO Analysis

Do you want the best SEO Analysis for your website?DIY SEO Live provides the most complete analysis of your website's total SEO footprint.It provides a series of very detailed search engine optimization and marketing reports showing you how effective your website is online.There are 3 category of reports as part of the package: SEO Analysis contains a comprehensive review of your website and reports on it's quality from an SEO perspective.Broken links, slow pages, missing images and their attributes, missing Meta tags and Titles. DIY SEO Live gives you the full coverage of these and many other problems.Overall, you'll have 20 reports highlighting every problem area on your site. And with the detailed breakdown of problems by page you'll completely stop guessing. SEO Links contains a comprehensive review of your website's incoming links. If you have been building backlinks or are curious how many sites are linking back to your site, these reports will reveal all. Now only showing number of backlinks, but also the actual backlink details and anchor text for both your site and competing sites. SEO Ranking contains a comprehensive review of your website's ranking within search results for specified keyword phrases. These reports will also show you the ranking of competing sites against these same terms to allow you to see how your competition is positioned according to you.ranking reports allow you to see which pages of your competitors are indexed by the search engines, check rankings of your competitors and compare the results to your own. You can spy on competitors with the help of the “Competitors Rankings” and “Competitors Indexation” reports. No other service will provide you with the level of details and research performed by DIY SEO Live. All of the reports are automatically generated. When you place your order, a series of jobs are scheduled that go out to the Internet and collect the information through thousands of queries.For a limited time, DIY SEO Live is available for a 50% discount. This means you could have your website's SEO knowledge for just $49. Don't miss out on the limited opportunity.