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All webmasters use internet marketing tools.The problem is you have to search for them and visit hundreds of websites to find what you are looking for.But I have some good news for you.No more searching around!Marketing Mule is here to help you on is a directory with hundreds of marketing tools.Everything you need is there,email marketing,pay per click,search engine optimization,webmaster resources and many many more.All together in one place.If you have a blog you should take a look at the blog marketing tools.Here you will find some very nice wordpress plug ins like Google sitemap generator plugin or Sociable plugin.With the first one you can generate XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by Google, YAHOO, MSN Search, and Ask. Sitemap file automatically gets rebuilt every time you add a new post. It also has a user interface where you can customize all parameters like change frequencies, priorities etc.The sociable plug in allows you to add social bookmarking links to each of your posts. This allows readers who use those sites to easily mark and share your posts with others, increasing your visitors and readers.

Building Your Blog Audience is a very nice place for advertisers and bloggers to find each other.But if you go at their blog you will find some great tips to improve your blog.If you are wondering why bother and buy a sponsored review,here are a few reasons:you will get direct traffic to your website,you will create buzz for your new website,you will get high quality backlinks and improve your page rank (PR).It is the best way to announce your new product,service or website. Now if you are a blogger you will simply earn money to do what you love,write about things you like!The difficult part is to bring readers at your blog.Everyday thousands of new blogs go live so you have to compete with millions of other bloggers.At Sponsored Reviews' blog you will find a very helpful article with 27+1 tips for building and maintaining your blog audience.There you will find the best but also simple tactics to bring more traffic at your blog.Some of them are:choose the right platform and design for your blog,pick the right domain,update your content daily,encourage your readers to send their comments,place tags and social bookmarks,use RSS feeds and trackbacks and many many more.You can read the full article here.Believe me,you will like it!

Hotel Discounts

We all have a place in our mind that we would like to visit one day.If that day has come for you,I think you should use to find Vacations Rentals,Hotels,Flights etc.You can save up to 70% with these guys!Just take a look at their website.You will find everything you need.You can browse countries and cities.Hotels and Vacation Packages.All these at very competitive prices.They have discount hotel reservations all over the world.If you don't speak English very well,don't worry.The website is available in Spanish,French,German and Italian.Also you should visit the rebate section.You can get up to 100$ rebate!Yes that's right!Just print the online coupon and book your stays online.When you return from your trip fill in the form and mail it. If you need more information you can call them at 1-800-447-4136

Paintball Guns

In 1970 James Hale of Daisy Manufacturing, invented and patented what would become the first paintball gun. This original paintball gun was manufactured and used by farmers and ranchers for marking trees and livestock.The first game was played in June 27, 1981.12 players were competing against each other and they were using Nel-spot 007s pistols.The game was capture the flag.The winner captured all flags without firing a shot! Since then Painball games became very popular all over the world.Even if you never had the chance to play you can start now.You can get your paintball guns and paintball markers at They are one of the largest online paintball stores with a great selection of paintball gear and also offer free shipping.