Marketing Formats & Formulas


The information, if proven successful, could be repackaged into…
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Reports
  • PLRs
  • Master Rights
Yes, all of those are OBVIOUS. It makes you want to throw-up since that list is nothing more than what you would get in a free mini-course. However, the average marketer is making the process linear. They are following the plan, but not multiplying it.

Don’t stay linear, be multi-linear, so you can produce in all directions.

If you’re going to go to all the trouble to create these traffic munching sites, then multiply the results of your effort once you find out what works.


Here what match formulas look like:

Closure Property of Addition
Sum (or difference) of 2 real numbers equals a real number

Additive Identity
a + 0 = a
Additive Inverse
a + (-a) = 0
Associative of Addition
(a + b) + c = a + (b + c)
Commutative of Addition
a + b = b + a
Definition of Subtraction
a - b = a + (-b)

Heck, if math nerds can use formulas, why can’t we??

Once you discover the recipe that works for you, write it down. Be like Coca-Cola with your business. I broke that rule with the Google example above, but it’s so obvious, no big deal.

So the formula for the Google Video is:

Video + Google + Keyword Link = Target Traffic

Now then, once you have a base formula, tweak it. Sometimes you will come up with a Dr. Pepper and sometimes a New Coke.

Here’s a variation of the original formula:

Ezine Article Link + Google Vid + Keyword Link – Target Traffic

With that formula you’re testing to see if more people will visit a video than a webpage. You could have one article that lands on your site and one that lands at Google video.

Of course you may just want to put the video on one webpage and traditional content on another and test against the two from article based traffic.

Ultimately, I might distill the formula to this:

Keyword (google or overture tools) + Traffic Avenue (ezine articles, usfreeads) + Format (video, pdf, website, mp3) + Link = Target Traffic

You should have dozens of those types of little formulas. They are not hard to develop. All you do is take your specific element (overture, ezine articles) and make it generic (keyword tool, avenue, etc.) Then tie a combination of the elements to a desired result (traffic, sales, signups)

Formulas let you cook the same way every time. As one of my business partners stole from someone, “Never do anything great once. Do it time and time again.”

Once you have your formulas you can repeat great time and again!