Get Found Online Using Blogs

What is a blog? A blog, or weblog, is a website that allows for regularly posted content or articles.
  • Blogging is Inbound Marketing
  • Blogging helps with SEO
  • Blogging helps with social news and networking sites
  • Blogging is permission centric
The conversation has already started, it’s time that you’re aware of it and develop a strategy for engaging in it and using it for marketing How To STEP 1: Read • Search for other blogs in your industry using or • Read and subscribe to blogs via RSS or email – RSS allows users to subscribe anonymously and consume content however they want. STEP 2: Comment • Contribute to the conversation via a comment. • Increase the value of the article – share an example, add a point, add a useful link, disagree, ask a question. • Why? • Engage in the community • Get noticed by other bloggers and blog readers • Get links back to your blog STEP 3: Write • Find the right blog software for you. • Blog functionality: Make sure to use your own business URL (, not a sub- domain of someone else’s URL ( – most blog software allows you to do this. Also your blog software should allow for email and RSS subscriptions as well as integration with social media sites. • Analytics functionality: To truly measure the success of your blog, your software should allow you to report on email and RSS subscribers over time, measure visitors and leads generated, and track search engine keyword rank over time and compared to competitors. • Support and expertise: If you are new to blogging, you may want your software provider to provide technical support, education and marketing expertise on how to succeed with your blog. • Draw in readers with your blog article titles.
  • Funny: “GoDaddy’s 16-Step Checkout: Brainless Marketing At Its Finest?”
  • Enticing: “12 Quick Tips To Search Google Like AnExpert”
  • SEO: “Free Advertising on Google”
• On frequency: General rule of thumb is to blog at least weekly to maintain steady readership and continue your SEO efforts. Blog topic ideas:
  • List of 5 ideas, trends, or thoughts
  • Publish a list of links
  • Take a recent experience and share it
  • Answer questions you received recently
  • Comment on other blog articles
  • Turn a press release into a blog article
Promote your blog:
  • Email friends and family
  • Replace email newsletter with blog
  • Trade guest articles with similar blogger
  • Promote on social media sites: Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook, LinkedIn
STEP 4: Measure & Analyze • Track number of blog visitors and subscribers, SEO rankings, Technorati blog rank. • Measure real business results: number of visitors, leads, and customers generated by your blog.