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Are you looking for websites that you can trust?Are you a webmaster and you are looking to promote your site? MasterMOZ is the directory for you. It is the directory that puts you back in full control of your website listing. It gives you the opportunity to see that your listing is represented on the Internet accurately and fairly. It let's you monitor the other listings in your category to make sure they are represent properly. Websites that are listed on MasterMOZ, are continually monitored by the peer members of the categories they are listed in. If a listing is found to be inaccurate, the listing must be edited by the owner/author within 15 days or it will go off-line. This assures that your site is acknowledged for its Accuracy, Reputation and Credibility. Also MasterMOZ offers extensive, unique and valuable information about all the member websites and the person who's responsible for them. MasterMoz is not a search engine.It is a Website Directory like Yahoo and DMOZ, except that you are put in full control of your listing. It's your opportunity to see that your listing is represented on the Internet accurately and fairly. MasterMoz was launched as the ultimate solution to bring back honesty and accuracy to web listings. Built as an online social website offers the most accurate website listings on the Internet, with no compromises. The review system eliminates unfair tricks to rank higher or get listed in unrelated categories, and in general keeps them honest. Listings are activated immediately, honesty is rewarded and fraud is eliminated. Visitors searching for your site will know they can trust it and actually find them. The Web Marketing Association announced the winners of the 2007 WebAwards Competition. The MasterMOZ Directory received the Standard of Excellence WebAward in the category Directory or Search Engine!

Online Gambling

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Part Time Jobs

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The best inventory on new and used cars

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Don't Spend Time Worrying About Your Inventory-Get Help

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Hidden Flight Simulator Inside Google Earth

Something cool was found in the newest version of Google Earth (the one that comes with all the new space features). If you click on the planet and press CTRL+ALT+A, you get to start up a flight simulator and fly around the globe. While moving around Google Earth has always been fun, hopping in the cockpit of an F16 or SR22 prop plane can be a completely different kind of exciting.

Controlling the plane is by no means easy. If you don’t have a joystick or gamepad, you may not be able to do it at all. Pressing a key to turn is very sensitive, and for the most part sends the plane spinning out of control. You can either work on leveling the plane or work on heading to a destination, not both. In other words, find a gamepad and just do it that way.

If you need help, consult this list of keyboard controls. Spacebar pauses (very important), G retracts the landing gear. Stick to turning with the rudder, not the ailerons, by using SHIFT+the arrow keys. You can also try left-clicking and using mouse controls. I managed to get my speed up to 840 miles per hour and my altitude as high as 41,300 feet. How high can you get it?

Here is a nice video: