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Try iPhone For Free


If you go the main iPhone page on the phone-simulator-but-so-much-more Tryphone site, you first will encounter a full iPhone simulator.

But what you will see is more than just a picture of an iPhone with a couple of icons activated to kinda sorta act as an iPhone would.

Instead- and far cooler- you’ll find that by clicking on pretty much any icon, you’ll be able to see how an actual iPhone would and does behave.

Short of borrowing a friend’s iPhone and playing with it for what might be an annoying (to him or her), I can’t think of a better way to test out an iPhone before you order one.

And, I might add, stay home away from all the Holiday shoppers while you are doing this.

First, find the Maps icon, and highlight it:


I think you’ll want to see what happens when we tap the Maps icon on this iPhone sim:


If you are really thinking about buying and iPhone but would like to check out the functionalities first, this is the best way to do it without calling in favors orventuring out to the overcrowded mall or mobbed Apple retail store.

Oh and once you get to that store, you can now buy up to five iPhones again (only with your credit card, not with cash)


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Group Chat and Emoticons on New Gmail

Google added a new interface: an updated Gmail Chat that's only available in the new version of Gmail. This updated Gmail Chat includes two features that were already available in the gadget: smileys and group chat. To invite a new contact to an existing chat, click on "Options" and select "Group Chat". The problem is that your contact must use either the gadget or the new version of Gmail. If he uses the desktop client, a message will inform him to open the gadget, but in the old version of Gmail Chat there's no indication that you invited him to chat. To start a group chat, click "Group chat" from the "Options" menu when chatting. Enter the names of the people you want to add, and, bingo, you're in your very own chat room. All the familiar features such as chat archiving and taking the chat off the record still work as well. You'll also now notice a smiley face in the bottom right-hand corner of your chat window. You can still use regular emoticon keyboard shortcuts, such as :) or =P, but this menu lets you select the style of the emoticons you send. Beyond the good old classic Gmail smileys there are two brand new, rich emoticon styles. These features only work with the latest version of Gmail.


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The future of virtual worlds - Times Online

Mobile Digest
The future of virtual worlds
Times Online - 9 hours ago
The Virtual Worlds Forum in London this week brought together a bunch of business people, technologists, entrepreneurs and marketers to network and exchange ideas around virtual worlds.
British Lords wake up to virtual worlds Register
Twitter tracks thoughts on Second Life Netimperative - Mobile Digest - - Times Online
all 19 news articles

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New Linux version of Google Desktop

Keeping its Linux fan base in mind, Google has updated its Desktop for Linux, which it launched in June. With version 1.1, still in beta, you can search over more image formats and search the content of Microsoft Office documents. The thumbnails in search results are higher quality and you can customize the hot key that launches the quick search box. There's more information on the Inside Google Desktop blog and you can download the application here.

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Hidden Flight Simulator Inside Google Earth

Something cool was found in the newest version of Google Earth (the one that comes with all the new space features). If you click on the planet and press CTRL+ALT+A, you get to start up a flight simulator and fly around the globe. While moving around Google Earth has always been fun, hopping in the cockpit of an F16 or SR22 prop plane can be a completely different kind of exciting.

Controlling the plane is by no means easy. If you don’t have a joystick or gamepad, you may not be able to do it at all. Pressing a key to turn is very sensitive, and for the most part sends the plane spinning out of control. You can either work on leveling the plane or work on heading to a destination, not both. In other words, find a gamepad and just do it that way.

If you need help, consult this list of keyboard controls. Spacebar pauses (very important), G retracts the landing gear. Stick to turning with the rudder, not the ailerons, by using SHIFT+the arrow keys. You can also try left-clicking and using mouse controls. I managed to get my speed up to 840 miles per hour and my altitude as high as 41,300 feet. How high can you get it?

Here is a nice video:

First Silverlight App: Tafiti Research Tool

Designed as a powerful research tool, Microsoft has launched a preview of experimental site, which will compete with Google. Though it isn't the simplest of online apps, it sure packs a punch in the visual department.The new search tool is powered by Silverlight, Microsoft's new graphic plug-in, which falls into direct competition with Flash. Silverlight, which is browser-friendly and a quick download, allows for a number of Tafiti-based visual treats which Microsoft hopes will turn searching into an "experience." Through the new tool, users can conduct a single search across the web, blogs, books, news and images, then filter specific results onto savable "glass" shelves parked next to the results. Hand-picked research is represented as books, photographs, and torn bits of paper. Users can also blog or email shelves to one another.View a video about Tafiti here.


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Savings Accounts

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InPhonic Inc

InPhonic is an online seller of wireless services and devices. They sell wireless services and devices through private labeled websites that they create and manage for online businesses, affinity organizations and national retailers, as well as through our their branded websites. The Georgetown-based firm sells wireless telecommunications service, wireless phones and accessories over the Internet. Customers can purchase wireless service and products from InPhonic's retail Web sites such as, and Practically all of the company's revenue comes from its wireless sales and activation business, and the remainder comes from its satellite services business. The company has 475 employees, offices in the District, Largo and Reston, and partnerships with, and Its main competitors are large retail chains such as Wal-Mart and Radio Shack.Inphonic, Inc., along with its subsidiaries, operates as an online seller of wireless services in the United States. It operates in three segments: Wireless Activation and Services (WAS), Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) Services, and Data Services. The WAS segment sells and activates wireless service plans, devices and accessories, and satellite television service plans through its own branded Web sites, such as,, and; and through Web sites that are created and managed by the company for online businesses, member-based organizations, associations, and national retailers. Learn more about InPhonic at Yahoo Finance and The Washington Times.

Just Saying Hi

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Search Engine Marketing

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