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Try iPhone For Free


If you go the main iPhone page on the phone-simulator-but-so-much-more Tryphone site, you first will encounter a full iPhone simulator.

But what you will see is more than just a picture of an iPhone with a couple of icons activated to kinda sorta act as an iPhone would.

Instead- and far cooler- you’ll find that by clicking on pretty much any icon, you’ll be able to see how an actual iPhone would and does behave.

Short of borrowing a friend’s iPhone and playing with it for what might be an annoying (to him or her), I can’t think of a better way to test out an iPhone before you order one.

And, I might add, stay home away from all the Holiday shoppers while you are doing this.

First, find the Maps icon, and highlight it:


I think you’ll want to see what happens when we tap the Maps icon on this iPhone sim:


If you are really thinking about buying and iPhone but would like to check out the functionalities first, this is the best way to do it without calling in favors orventuring out to the overcrowded mall or mobbed Apple retail store.

Oh and once you get to that store, you can now buy up to five iPhones again (only with your credit card, not with cash)