First Silverlight App: Tafiti Research Tool

Designed as a powerful research tool, Microsoft has launched a preview of experimental site, which will compete with Google. Though it isn't the simplest of online apps, it sure packs a punch in the visual department.The new search tool is powered by Silverlight, Microsoft's new graphic plug-in, which falls into direct competition with Flash. Silverlight, which is browser-friendly and a quick download, allows for a number of Tafiti-based visual treats which Microsoft hopes will turn searching into an "experience." Through the new tool, users can conduct a single search across the web, blogs, books, news and images, then filter specific results onto savable "glass" shelves parked next to the results. Hand-picked research is represented as books, photographs, and torn bits of paper. Users can also blog or email shelves to one another.View a video about Tafiti here.


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