Marketing Tools Directory

All webmasters use internet marketing tools.The problem is you have to search for them and visit hundreds of websites to find what you are looking for.But I have some good news for you.No more searching around!Marketing Mule is here to help you on is a directory with hundreds of marketing tools.Everything you need is there,email marketing,pay per click,search engine optimization,webmaster resources and many many more.All together in one place.If you have a blog you should take a look at the blog marketing tools.Here you will find some very nice wordpress plug ins like Google sitemap generator plugin or Sociable plugin.With the first one you can generate XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by Google, YAHOO, MSN Search, and Ask. Sitemap file automatically gets rebuilt every time you add a new post. It also has a user interface where you can customize all parameters like change frequencies, priorities etc.The sociable plug in allows you to add social bookmarking links to each of your posts. This allows readers who use those sites to easily mark and share your posts with others, increasing your visitors and readers.