Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

If you are looking for a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon,Rodeo Drive is the perfect place to visit.As women age, their breasts may sag somewhat. This can be exacerbated by pregnancy or nursing. In these situations, many women enjoy beneficial results from a breast lift or “mastopexy.” In this procedure, the skin of the breast is tightened to return the breast to a more youthful shape, firmness, and position.Women choose to have breast augmentation for different reasons. Some desire larger breasts. Others want to replace breast contour that is often lost during pregnancy. In the procedure, an implant is placed underneath the breast tissue. Sometimes it is placed under the chest muscles. The choice of implant position is based on the shape of your current breast, the amount of breast tissue and overall body size. Incisions are made in one of three locations: Under the nipple, under the breast or in the underarm. Again, the choice of incision position is based on current body and breast shape.During your consultation at Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, your plastic surgeon will examine you and discuss recommendations for implant and incision placement to yield the best results.There are a lot of options in breast lift surgery, and at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery and I am sure you will find the best solution for you.It's the best place for Beverly Hills breast augmentation. During your consultation at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, your plastic surgeon will discuss recommendations for the type of incision to use and the possible benefits of including an implant as part of the procedure. The procedure is usually done as an outpatient, under general anesthesia administered by a physician anesthesiologist to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Most patients have very little pain following the surgery as well because long-acting local anesthetic is administered as part of the procedure. Most patients return to work about a week after surgery.Also they are available for rhinoplasty.