Webhosting Guide

If you are looking for some of the best Hosts in business you should visit bonus-webhosting.com There are hundreds of web hosts available on the marketplace, and the choice can be very confusing. Thia website is a complete source, and they review and rank Hosts over a unique system to get a Host Who is Who. The directories they use to make the ranking, and the ranking result itself are updated each three month to keep it up to date. They check out dozens of directories, trying to find out what methods and what prioritys the directories use to rank the Hosts. There is no uniform system how a ranking is made, due to the fact that every directory is a independent Website with his own procedure analyzing, reviewing and then ranking the Hosts. There is a is a different ranking result at each directory.The idea is to make a cross checking of the rankings at 10 different directories, something that most probably everybody who is seriously looking for a Host, is doing anyhow. For that you don't have to spend endless hours reading reviews to understand the different ranking results. This, together with their short reviews about the key facts will save you time and money. Also they offer a free newbie guide and update blog for your participation.