If you are looking to advertise your business you should join Adknowledge, a network that joins a collection of search engines under one roof, minimizes the complications advertisers face in managing traffic on many small search engines. Adknowledge distributes your text-based listing through high-quality traffic channels including email, display and smaller search engines. Every day, they deliver advertisements on behalf of over 50,000 advertisers to many of the top 500 websites on the Internet. Relying on advanced targeting technology, fraud detection algorithms and end user traffic analysis, Click Scoring Technology helps Adknowledge's advertisers precisely pinpoint individual users most likely to convert within a specific category. Clicks that have a low probability of converting for an advertiser are disregarded by the system and the advertiser is not charged. Advertisers using the BidSystem are only charged for the highest quality clicks! Their Click Scoring technology determines user value and the conversion probability of every click and they use special algorithms to identify click fraud from thousands of sources of traffic and remove those clicks automatically. This gives us the ability to deliver you high converting traffic while never charging you for clicks unlikely to convert. Adknowledge is the single destination for advertisers looking for quality clicks beyond Google and Yahoo. Additionally, publishers can show Adknowledge ads by utilizing AdStation on their website, email list, or search engine.