Twitter for traffic

Branding yourself on Twitter Keep following what is happening within your field and make sure that you become known for twittering on a subject related to your site. By linking to different quality resources, people will look at you as an expert who knows where to find the best information and who shares knowledge with their followers. Your Twitter profile and reputation is just as important as some clicks. If you have a trustworthy profile you will gain more followers as your profile will look very valuable and knowledgeable. The overall effect of you only posting quality and relevant tweets will be cumulative in the long run as branding is a subtle process that occurs over time. You will become branded as an expert who provides regular insight into your topic and this will expose you to other people who are interested in your subject. Code of conduct for your tweets: ● Be helpful, useful and friendly. The more you give, the more you will receive in return. ● Do not promote your site or your product all the time. You might have gotten somebody to follow you, but if you do not provide value to them, they can just as easily unfollow you. ● Try to grab the attention of whomever is reading by thinking of your tweets as your blog article headlines. ● Make sure to make each tweet interesting and worth reading to your target audience. Post the best you can come up with and hopefully your followers will decide to click on, check out your profile and your site. ● Restrain yourself from tweeting too much about a broad range of personal topics, as many tweets might make your followers unfollow you. Use TweetStats and TwitterFriends to learn more and analyze your tweets. How to optimize the exposure of your tweets ● Use TweetBurner to shorten the URL’s you want to include in your tweets. As tweets are based on 140 characters, this will save you some space for your message. ● TweetBurner will also track how many clicks your tweets get. You can analyze which tweet structures attract your followers the most, what headlines work best, and at what time of the day your tweets get most clicks. ● Use analysis from TweetBurner with service of TweetLater to schedule your tweets to be posted at the best possible times to optimize the exposure and number of clicks. ● Experiment with repeating the same tweet twice a day with some 10-12 hours in between and analyze your results. From my experience, people do not notice that you repeat tweets and your repeat will attract attention, as many new people have logged on since your original tweet some 10 hours before. ● You can automate your tweets even more by using TwitterFeed to have your new blog RSS news feed entries automatically posted to your Twitter followers. I do not use it personally but some might find it valuable.