Iceberg On Demand

This post is buzz building for exciting new web 2.0 app builder.IcebergonDemand is a new web application that allows anyone, especially non-techies to build powerful apps without having to enter a single line of code.Anybody can build or configure your own apps using workflow, forms, reports, lists, web services, views, relational tables, charts, calendars and much much more.It comes with best practices processes to manage the entire HR lifecycle from hiring requests to the selection process right through to disciplinary action and termination.This application goes beyond 'simple sfa' of lead management to include advanced features like deal and competition tracking. Includes functions and processes to manage: leads, opportunities, calls, appointments, scheduling, deals, competition, forecasting, contacts, accounts.Also,it allows you to select individual employees for specific shifts and build a printable roster. Hours are automatically totaled for both invoicing and payroll based on salary per hour and client rates. It may be used for any business where employees are assigned to specific shifts.Now,you can centralize all of your companies knowledge in one searchable secure resource. Manage access based on access lists and roles, control release process for high priority information and the process of collecting CV's and interviewing candidates.Iceberg is 100% web based with no software to install.Any application can be created using a simple to use "point and click" user interface.Iceberg comes with a rich set of functional modules that allow you to build powerful business applications.Generate powerful applications using Icebergs email function with support for html and attachments. Mail merge, auto responders, reminders and a host of other functionality is possible using this powerful feature.Add document and image upload functionality to any object with any application. Create applications from simple document management to contact lists with photos.Just visit the site to find out more and see all the features. This is a sponsored post