July and August are the most popular months for wedding celebrations. With an average wedding costing c.£20k and the additional £2k for the honeymoon, there might not be a lot of finances leftover for luxury purchases thereafter. However, with the rise of co-habiting before marriage, couples no longer need toasters, kettles and crockery - they just need cash! With this in mind, about 4 in 10 couples are now asking for a financial contribution from well-wishers, rather than using a traditional wedding list for friends and family to express their felicitations. welcomes this new trend as a perfect opportunity for every happy, newly-wed couple to partake of a luxury item which might otherwise be passed by. A wedding, honeymoon and luxury timepiece - what better approach to celebrating the start of a life-long loving relationship. The bride will want a timepiece that is unique and enrapturing; one that immediately attracts the eye for its originality but also enables her to hand it down to her children with pride. The groom will want a timepiece which reflects his status as a respectable husband but also one that shows he still retains his youthful outlook and fun-loving ways; he should be taking seriously, but not too seriously. For the perfect couple, suggests the perfect wristwatch duo.For the groom, the self-confident Glashutte-Original Senator collection - specifically the Power reserve display model - offers the perfect combination of classic good looks and modern elegance. The 40.1mm case is available in rose gold or stainless steel, with brown, black or anthracite strap. Water resistant to 50m, with panorama date, power reserve display and automatic movement. This is a watch for the style-conscious newly-wed husband who prefers to subtly flaunt his good taste rather than flash his cash. For the bride, the gorgeous Bedat & Co No. 8 collection - specifically the 888 model - offers the ultimate in terms of originality and traditionalism. Like the Senator, the 40mm case is available in rose gold or stainless steel with black or white leather strap. We suggest reference 888.048.310 to not only complement your husband's choice but also to take advantage of the 75 diamonds, totalling 1.58 carats, on the bezel. To start married life with these timepieces will most surely lead to a blissfully happy union. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health...these watches are to love and to cherish forever. This is a sponsored post