URL Mask

Would you like to rank your site higher organically and stop hijackers from stealing your affiliate commissions? Because if you aren't hiding your affiliate links, you're losing money. Just as some people make their living being an affiliate, some people decide to make their living robbing unsuspecting affiliates by stealing their sales. Why go through all the hard work of marketing someone else's product if you aren't even going to get all the money you rightfully earned? Well,that's where CloakLink comes in and saves the day. CloakLink is a URL Mask program designed, and used by two experienced affiliate managers who know what fraudsters can and can't do with links. It is the best URL redirect script you can find online.
Features include: SEO benefits, allowing your site to rank higher in the SERP's. Easy to setup and use. (On average it takes around 5 minutes to setup and another 5 to configure). Multiple sites can be used through ONE interface. CloakLink can be used with an unlimited number of sites. Built in Click Tracker so you can keep track of how many times your links have been clicked. Cloak your links today and say goodbye to fraud, parasites, overwriting, and hijackings forever!