Mobile Search Marketing

You may be planning on refreshing your brand image or launching a new web site. Perhaps you'd like to find out what people on the web think about you and your product, or maybe you're looking to drive traffic to your site through the search engines leading to greater conversions and sales. Whatever your online marketing need, Brand Attention can help you achieve the results you want. Also they are a global force in the mobile website development. With an ever increasing audience, and numbers set to spiral, early adoption of this medium will return stunning rewards. Gone are the days where a site built in CSS would fit the bill. Now the demands and features accessible through mobile phones / devices mean a fully bespoke approach is the only answer. They are able to integrate most features of a conventional web solution into a mobile website design. They deploy QR Codes as a tool for end users to gain direct access to your mobile offering. This 2D bar code technology is a standard feature in the Far East, and Brand Attention have been pioneers in the use and promotion of it in Europe. QR Codes are compatible and can be used with most mobile devices that have a camera; Nokia even has the reader software as standard on a lot of the N Series mobile phones. offers solutions that make a tangible difference to your business, with the search engines that matter. They will work with you to identify where your current traffic comes from and how to maximise your traffic flow. Also will talk to you about other search engines that could be used to increase the number of visitors you receive. All their reports are written in English, not geek-speak, and are easy to understand.