Outsourcing For Success

Realistically you know that you can’t do everything, right? And why would you want to do everything? Some of the jobs that I used to spend hours doing could be outsourced for a few dollars. It’s crazy!

My time is very valuable to me. I can’t ask for more time on this planet but I can always make more money. My time is so valuable that I outsource most of the work in my business and spend time doing the things that I really enjoy. Come on, you want to spend less time working and more time having fun, don’t you? Everyone does!

I enjoy the site flipping process but there are some parts that I hate doing such as writing articles and building the sites. This is two things that I outsource every single day.

Why would you want to do all the work in your business? In an offline store you wouldn’t work 24 hours per day managing a store… you employ other people to help out. The same should go for any online business as well.

Try play to others strengths. Personally I’m a terrible writer. By outsourcing the job I don’t just save a lot of time, I also get really high quality articles instead of the crap I throw together.

You can hire some very clever people for less than you would imagine…

I find it amazing when looking through Internet Marketing forums how many people are stuck with a problem and it’s holding their business back. If you can’t write sales copy or can’t code sites… just outsource the work!! Please, please don’t let it hold your business back.

You can outsource some simple sales copy for a few hundred bucks or have someone build your site for $20. Of course you can come up with some lame excuse why you can’t outsource, maybe you don’t have any money or your scared of being scammed. Get over it and start outsourcing. Your leaving more money on the table than you think by not talking advantage of other people’s skills.

Just do something that is going to help your business today and do it right now.

Where To Find The Best Person For The Job

I wish I could tell you exactly where to find the best people online but unfortunately I can’t because it depends what work your looking for doing and how much your looking to spend.

If your looking for a copyrighter find a place where copywriters hang out and contact someone who shows they know a lot about the subject they are talking about. Tell them what you need doing and ask if they can help you. Most will for a small charge. :)

This same process can be used for any job that you need doing.

I have a group of people who I can always rely upon. I know my writers, copywriters, designers, programmers, tech guys and everyone else I work with well. I found most of my best people on the Warrior Forum.

There are a lot of talented people over at the Warrior Forum. Think of any job that you might need outsourcing and there is someone there who can help you or at least refer you to someone else who can do the job for you instead.

I’m thinking of hiring a virtual assistant soon to help me with a few minor tasks that I do daily that I wish I didn’t have to do.

Yesterday I did a search on the Warrior forum and found some Warriors who are VA’s and also found some recommendations. I’ll be contacting a few potential people I found over the next few days and see if any of them are able to help me with the work I need completing. I’ll find the best person for the job and hire them. It’s to easy.

Picking The Best Person

Often choosing the right person for the job is the hardest part. Especially if you have a number of talented people who would all do a great job. Here are a few things that I look for in someone I’m outsourcing to.

Price – I’m cheap and I don’t like spending more money than I have to. I don’t want to spend $500 on something that should only cost $10 to do. The price is only second to the quality of the work.

Quality – Yep ,this is very important. If someone is going to do a very good job I’m willing to pay extra for it. My sites are the best, everything that I produce is the best and that is because I pay the best to help me. Quality sells all the time.

Turnaround – This is important to me as well. When I have ideas I have them fast and implement them as quickly as possible. I need people who I can rely on to do the work as quickly as possible. When I want something I really do want it now… not in a months time.

Reliability – Everyone I work with must be 100% reliable. I hate people who make excuses for things they haven’t done and are utterly unreliable. I want to be able to log off my computer at the end of the day and know that when I turn it back on in the morning that everything is going to be OK.

If your on a limited budget then price may be your biggest consideration. You still need to find someone that is reliable and produces quality work. Quick turnaround time is another thing that isn’t essential but is always nice especially if your working to a dealine.

Recommendations are also a good way to choose the best person for the job. Find people who have already hired them and ask them for their feedback on the work produced and the reliability of the person doing the work.

The Cheapest Isn’t Always The Best

But it sometimes is…

You can get some great work done for some very cheap prices. I generally pay most of my article writers $3 an article which is incredibly cheap but the content is always of the highest standard.

But then I go away and pay thousands of dollars for a short sales page. I always want the best people working with/for me. Good sales page writers are hard to find and are not cheap but there are a lot of very good article writers out there who are willing to work cheaply.

Do you understand that?

Offering people extra work, full time work, benefits for working for you, anything to keep them on your side is good. Becoming friends with people you work with is also a good idea because you will always get a special price. Mates rates.

It depends completely on what your doing on the price that you pay. Before you hire anyone work out exactly how much money their work is worth to you. If you make $10 per article and they charge $15 it isn’t going to work. Your going to lose money! Keep a track of your income and expenses.

The Dark Site Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is good but there is a dark side to outsourcing that I must tell you about because I don’t want you to fall into the trap. Getting scammed. It’s going to happen to you eventually don’t worry about that.

I have been scammed before, sometimes for $10 sometimes a little more but I have never been scammed out of serious amounts of money because I take steps to protect myself from these shady characters.

My first tip for you is that before you hire someone for a job you should always check them out. Search for them on Google, check there profiles out on sites and forums, if you know someone that has hired them before ask them for there feedback. Get as much information about the person as possible.

Second, start small initially. Don’t give someone a $5k job if you have never worked with them before. Throw them a few small jobs around $20 each. If they do well with that work give them the bigger jobs.

Of course, these steps are not going to stop you getting scammed completely. Sorry! But they will limit the damage to small amounts if someone takes $20 it isn’t the end of the world but if they take $5,000 it might be :)

I love outsourcing! When I first started taking advantage of this my business started to grow at a phenomenal speed. I used to be able to create a few sites a week when I did all the work myself – this was working 8 hour days – but now I can create a few sites a day spending just a few hours working because other people do the work for me.

I could be sat anywhere in the world with a laptop and Internet connection and be able to run my business. Freedom like this is good and you can’t have it if your working 8 hours a day writing content.