Social Bookmarking Tools

Social Bookmarking is basically saving a website to your favorites, but posting it to the internet instead. Many of these sites us a “no-follow” attribute for links, but not all of them. It will help with traffic and SEO by using the tools above. Onlywire is an automated social bookmarking tool. It has 18 sites built in to it. You take a bookmarklet and add it to your toolbar in Internet Explorer or Firefox. You click on the bookmarklet and it takes you to Onlywire. Onlywire takes the URL and the title information from the page. Feel free to modify the title, as that will be the anchor text linking to your site. You then choose tags that describe the page you are bookmarking. Onlywire has you separate tags by a space, so you need to cover all your bases when it comes to phrases. I normally create one word with no spaces (affiliatemarketing) and separate with a hyphen (affiliate-marketing) to ensure proper coverage. Each tag has its own page. That page will contain a link back to your site! I recommend using 10 – 20 tags per bookmark. You need to include a description of the link in the comments box. Your description should include any valid keywords you can include, while continuing to make sense. Click on the submit button and you just created over 100 backlinks! The Socializer is a website that helps you bookmark over 50 sites. Be sure to look at each site individually to make sure you separate your tags properly. Some use commas, while others use spaces. Make sure you don’t double bookmark your sites. I keep a small post-it with the sites on Onlywire to make sure I don’t waste any time double bookmarking sites.